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Wayback machine is one of the coolest websites on the planet for business owners and general public as well. It features a log of all websites on the internet and takes a snapshot of the website. You as an end user can go there and view, download, and save websites. How cool is that? The amazing thing is if you have a website that is on a server that goes down or you lose files, you can use the wayback machine and go back in time to grab those files. Problem solved!

  • Great for businesses in a pinch.
  • Anyone can use wayback machine.
  • Logs all websites on the internet. 
  • Easy to use. 

Whoever thought of this was a genius. As time moves forward we will be able to go back in time and view websites to see how things were during that period. There is so much data one has to wonder how many servers this takes to use.

Great for corrupted files on server

This just happened. Our files were corrupted with a virus. It started to plague our server. We got notification from the server and presto our site was down. We went in and deleted all of the corrupt files and when we reloaded the site some of the main files were missing. This caused havoc. That is, until we discovered wayback machine. We logged into our wordpress website and did a copy paste. Within minutes our site was back without issue.

Submitting your site to wayback machine

Anyone can submit their site to wayback machine. To speed things up go to and enter your domain. Hit submit and presto!

Bottom line. If these guys work on donations, please hit them up and give a donation. This is huge and helps all people, businesses, non profit organizations alike. These guys are the best. We would like to thank the guys at Wayback Machine from WAYBACK! The Internet Archive is AMAZING!.


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