Trade Show Exhibit Examples & Gallery

Media One Marketing Group maintains agreements and relationships with the worlds largest trade show & exhibit manufacturers. If You can dream it we can achieve it. Whatever the exhibit need is, we understand and have years of experience in design, set up, staffing, collecting data, and utilizing a great space to engage prospects.
Our trade show displays are built with your specific goals and needs in mind, including your intended target audience, your marketing strategy, the events and trade shows you exhibit at, all within your budget creating a memorable experience of your brand.

We have not only produced a great deal of tradeshow displays for multiple industries, we have also included a staff that will learn your products, services and will actually staff the displays while collecting data from interested parties of your product and/or service.

Many of the tradeshows and exhibits include indoor, outdoor, retail, point of sale, permanent installations, and other marketing needs. Our personalized design approach and turnkey tradeshow management services will provide you with full-service exhibit house capabilities.

No matter if its staffed by us, or by your own company let us design and deliver a top quality professional atmosphere for your next tradeshow. If you do have a need for our company to staff exhibits, we are available to do so anywhere US and Canada on short term or long term basis. Contact us for more info.







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